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Open studio is on Tuesdays from 10-1 and Thursdays from 6-9. Check our studio schedule for specific dates.

Prepay to Reserve a Spot

Bone Black Studio has its very own site. Check it out:


Canopy Studios
916 Springdale Road Bldg 3 #102
Austin, TX 78702

Scheduling and Orientation

Click here to schedule time in the studio
First time users of the studio must go through orientation with the Studio Manger before they can use the studio.

WPA Studio Equipment/Supplies

Subscription fees covers the following studio materials; acids, grounds, solvents, cleaning solutions, newsprint, tape, hand cleaners and rags.

Subscribers are responsible for their own matrices, paper (individual sheets of Rives BFK are available in the studio for purchase), ink and paper towels.

The following is a list of community supplies provided by WPA. The supplies are not guaranteed.

Mineral Spirits and kitty litter
Denatured Alcohol
Veggie Oil
Simple Green
Fast Orange Hand Cleaner
Clamps and a Metal File for Edges

Ferric Chloride (Acid for etching)
Hard Ground
Soft Ground
Stop Out
Rosin Box with Lump Rosin

Black Tarlatans (bring your own for color)
Old phone books (for paper wiping)
Several palette knives and razor scrapers
Toilet Paper Rolls (for plate edges)

Blotters and white towels
Paper Duster
Chine Colle Station
Tear Bar
Metal Rulers
Binder Clips and Push Pins

Takach Press (bed measures 29 5/8" x 48")
Conrad Press
Rosin Box
Hot Plate

Artist's Responsibilities

  • Studio members must be mindful that this is a shared space and thoroughly clean up after themselves, as well as follow all studio-posted guidelines. All artists printing in the studio are required to attend quarterly clean-up days or schedule a clean-up activity with the studio manager.
  • A list of supplies provided by WPA is located on the website. All other supplies, including inks will be provided by the studio member.
  • Studio members are responsible for any damage to equipment, furniture, fixtures, printing blankets, etc. You will be required to repair or replace anything damaged during your visit to the studio.
  • Studio artists in connection with Bone Black studio rental shall indemnify Women Printmakers of Austin ("WPA") against all claims arising from any accident, injury, or damage whatsoever, however caused, to any person or to any property occurring during the rental term on or about the demised premises, and against all expenses, counsel fees, and liabilities incurred in connection with any such claim or any action or proceeding brought thereon.

More Information

Email for more information.