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Jo Lagattuta

Artist Statement

I was living in New Mexico when a fortuitous requirement of printmaking coursework for my graduate program in art therapy led me to expression in another medium. Since that time I have been exploring printmaking and creating soft ethereal-like inspirational images. The circle or circular movement can often be seen in my artwork. The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning--a continuous symbol that has no beginning and no end. Throughout my life I have created circles, benefiting from the sense of comfort, peace, and total integration.

How I feel when I am making art is perfectly described in what Don Miguel Ruiz says: "When you are in your creation and you are doing what you love to do, you become what you really are again. You are not thinking in that moment; you are expressing.” I love being in that space where I am not really thinking, I am expressing what I am feeling inside. One could say that I make art to please the eye and touch the soul.

Cup of Chai
Intaglio: plexi/dremel/mixed media
Triple Burst
Relief (plexiglass dremel), 3 layered prints.
Intaglio, Mixed Media, Printed on knitted silver sheen paper
Making Choices
Monotype/collage/mounted on wood panel
The World Within
Monotype/intaglio/collage/rubber stamping, mounted on wood panel
Burst of Hands
Monotype/intaglio/rubber stamping, mounted on wood panel
Sacred Space
Monotype/intaglio/rubber stamping/printed on handmade paper
Celestial I
Layers I
Monotype/Polymer Plate Intaglio/vintage button/netting
Monotype/China turquoise stone/rubber stamping
Carnevale di Venezia
Polymer Plate Intaglio
Floating in Space
Polymer Plate Intaglio/Monotype
Be Who You Are
Monotype/Stencil/Polymer Plate Intaglio/watercolor pencils
Celebrate You
Gelatin Print/Stencils/Rubber Stamping
Stretched Angelic
Energy I
To A Higher Level
rubber stamping

Golden Hair Angelic
Intaglio/watercolor pencils. Printed on knitted Hanji paper.
Stitching around edges.

Hand and Swirls
Calling from the distance
Round and around and around we go
Hands in a circle
Monotype/polymer plate intaglio/relief/collage
Blissful Chaos 1
Monotype/Rubber Stamping
Floating Feathers
Monotype/Polymer Plate Intaglio
Circle of Transition
Monotype/mixed media
Circles of Change
Monotype/Mixed Media
Gate Keeper of All Dreams
Captured in Time
Monotype/Mixed Media
Through the Mist
Monotype/Mixed Media
Can It Be Repaired?
Polymer Plate Intaglio/Relief
Circle of Dolphins (teal)
Polymer Plate Intaglio, Handcoloring and Relief
Gelatin Print
Healing Hands
Monotype/Polymer Plate Intaglio/Mixed Media
Polymer Plate Intaglio

Drifting in Space
Monotype/Mixed Media
Monotype/Mixed Media
Look at Me
Polymer Plate Intaglio/Mixed Media
Polymer Plate Intaglio
Reaching for Balance
Polymer Plate Intaglio/Mixed Media
Remnants of Tranquility
Monotype/Polymer Plate Intaglio
Seeing Through the Layers
Monotype/Mixed Media