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Amy Ybarra-Murphy

Artist Statement

Several years ago, I took my first college-level photography class. I fully expected to learn only the basics and was surprised when I was confronted with this thing called Art. I caught the art-bug, and have been learning about and attempting to make it ever since. After taking several photography classes, I began to feel the need to manipulate my photography by cutting it up to form collage, drawing on it and incorporating text. I took a bookmaking class, which eventually led me to change my major to printmaking. Printmaking was ideal for me because it allowed me to work both digitally and hands-on. It was very liberating because it lends itself experimentation and invention. In many ways, Printmaking is mixed media because of the varied ways of working. Computer, drawing, painting, sculpting and photography skills all come in handy in printmaking. Printmaking is not a perfectionist�s art form, it�s messy, results are often unexpected and control does not come easy. Images are, however, reproducible allowing for another chance at getting it right. For these reasons, I feel that it is perfect art form for learning life skills.
Silkscreen, Monotype, Collage
Silkscreen, Chine-colle, Poly-Litho
Silkscreen, Chine-colle, Poly-litho
Xerox Transfer, Wood
Yo Invito
Xerox Transfer, wood
Birds of a Feather
Intaglio, Monotype
Humor is just a heightened sense of despair
Muerte Cycle
Silkscreen, Collage, Glass
Mother's Milk