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Elizabeth L White

Artist Statement

I consider my work a tribute to the people and places I love.  My core passion is writing, and my prints reflect this through their attention to detail and their narrative quality, the way every image implies a story.  I work on 3/8” thick rubber blocks, and though I work out the design many times before carving, the final image is a mystery due to vagaries of the process: the cuts may be looser or tighter in certain regions, affecting the character of the piece; or, my hand might slip and the design might then take a different course.  Though I enjoy the planning stages, the best part comes near the end when the print shows itself as something I couldn’t have dreamed of.

There is something else not quite explicable that leads to the print’s separate life, and it has to do with the image coming from a 3-d object as tangible as a wall, a stone, a hand.  The spirit of the block as an object somehow passes into the paper. There is a different crispness to the lines than could be made by a brush; the paper, as it is pressed, sometimes embosses around a cut.  The vitality of a hand-pressed print is in such details, but is also in less chartable places. 

My other passion is bookmaking.  My illustrated poetry books and more of my prints can be seen at www.flyingwomanpress.com.