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Rachel Clore

Artist Statement

Rachel Clore is a textile designer, fiber artist, and printmaker based in Austin, Texas. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012 with a BFA in Fiber.

Rachelís earliest works explored tactile embellishment and patternmaking on fabric. Her love of textiles and pattern led her to travel to India in 2011 and study bandhani (Indian tie and dye). Following her time abroad, her work translated her nostalgia for India into vivid patterns, textiles, and prints. In 2012, the India-inspired collection of work manifested into an installation and acted as a personal love letter to India. The installation,Mimetic Sanskriti, was designed to envelop the viewer in a richly patternedenvironment to evoke feelings of otherness.

In addition to textile design and fabric manipulation, Rachel is a printmaker and collage artist. Through lithography to screen printing, she references her own personal collection of imagery and continually investigates the reprocessing of images as well as the idea of image ownership.

Contrasting color, digital and hand-drawn marks, collage, and textural layers inspire her recent textile designs and prints.

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