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P. Thames McCroskery

Artist Statement

 My art is an outlet. It is a place where only I can go. It is a way to not only express myself but to exercise my abilities as an artisit, to experiment with various mediums and the manipulation of those mediums, and to provide myself puzzles that are in need of solving. It can be invigorating even when exhausted.
I like to work in series. It is freedom giving. Some series never make it past the first in the series, but had their beginning with a series in mind. Series tend to allow for building. A new concept is not needed each time I approach a blank paper or canvas. There is already something their to build upon or awaiting to be built upon.
Betty Fits in Everywhere - In the Kitchen
Mixed, Colograph, Relief using chine colle and handcoloring
Unto us, Isaiah 9:6
Wood cut relief
Flores de Noche Buenas
Etching with Chine Colle and hand painting
Silent Night
Mixed - Etching on Monoprint
The Little Harvester
Wood Cut with chine colle and hand coloring with Prisma color pencils
Solar plate
And Dog
Solar plate etching
Eye of the Tiger
Butterflies II
Solar Print with chine colle
Butterfly I
Solar Print with chine colle
Solar Plate Etching with Chine-collé
Creations I - From the Ground Up
Mixed - Etchings combined with oil and ink painting on linen.
Creations I - Top to Bottom
Mixed media - etchings combined with painting with etching inks and oil paints.
Model Pear
Solar Plate Etching
Old Growth
Photo Gravure; hand painted
Nesting Flight
Mixed: Photo Gravure Etching and Collograph
Memoirs of an Air Force Brat
Photo Gravure Etching Print with chine colle - 8 plates
Boxed In
Reduction monoprint
Celebrating Ewe
Solar etching
photo gravure etching
He will be called the Son of God, Luke 1:26-35
3 color linoleum cut
His Birth, Luke 2:4-6
linoleum cut, hand painted
Maine Coon
relief print over mono print
Me and Ewe at St. Peter’s Basilica
Solar etching
Miniture Landscape
pastel painted aquatint
Modeling Ewe
Solar Etching
Serving Ewe
photo gravure etching with chine colle