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rachel kinbar

Artist Statement

This is an artist statement. This is a statement artist. This is a statement of artistic proportions. This is the statement of the artist as a young man. This is is is is is is is is is is is is a stream of words compiled to form a definition of a person’s creative essence. This is a series of sentences that are intended to convey one coherent meaning determined by the author/artist but may or may not be taken to mean something entirely different upon being processed by the reader/viewer.

I use various mediums (visual/written/audio) to explore my ideas. My bigger projects are about relationships in some way (either between me and the people I love or perhaps me and the world or perhaps between individuals and society in general), but most days I find myself creating something just to strike back at all the ugly in the world.

polyester plate lithography
Tiny print two
polyester plate lithography
Tiny print one
polyester plate lithography