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Patty Smithers

Artist Statement

I feel my art making is a work in progress. My  "artistic voice” has not been found, but I feel I am at least practicing my vocal chords. I am inspired by nature with her many textures and layers. Many of my pieces seem to incorporate layers and textures.  I find the colors, patterns and shapes created by many layers appealing. At times, my work involves contrasts. One of my latest pieces involves the theme of achieving balance in my life.

My primary medium is printmaking. I feel this medium allows for a high degree of experimentation and play. Collograph and solar etching are the two techniques I use most frequently. I love the instant gratification they provide.  I also enjoy creating mixed media art incorporating acrylics, collage, printmaking and found objects. I feel I am on the right path as long as I am creating, regardless of the medium or technique. Creating brings me peace and a sense of self worth. Hopefully, I will eventually find my "voice” and sing a melody that resonates from my soul.

Breaking Thru
Collagraph and colored pencil
Chicago Reflection
Solar Etching
Dance with Survival
Solar etching with color pencil
Solar etching