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Lithography without a Stone (Pronto Plate Lithography)

Art is something that has always been a part of my life and it is quite unimaginable to me to have a world without art. It is a passion and the place where I can feel dreams coming true.  Printmaking has the added adventure with the image being revealed for the first time on the press. It is quite a grand experience!  

       Lately when I create art it is about getting out of my own head. Letting go of control over the world and planning every minute. It is a kind of meditation that allows my emotions to spill onto the page without being filtered, judged, and edited. I try to let my subconscious direct the process. I like to use organic materials I collect from my yard and on walks. I also use cut paper and found objects in my work. I love that what is essentially a weed can turn into something beautiful on the page and it has given me a new way of looking at the world around me. I have found that art helps me to be more intuitive, creative, and relaxed in all aspects of my life.

I strive for Magritte's basic intention, to make art with a "disturbing poetic effect."ť My work presents exotic subjects in the drama of black and white, or the subtle monochromatic tones of printers' inks. The prints are based on my photos of real places and slightly mysterious objects that are embraced by a post-apocalyptic anxiety, which induces a state of psychological unease in the viewer. The images raise questions, but knowing the back story doesn't necessarily provide comfort. The result is by turns intimate, earthy, fragile, universal, and contemporary. The images are full of the organic subtlety showing the naked beauty of weathered rock and plants, contrasted with man-made architectural elements. The organic elements complement the man-made. In purely aesthetic terms, the works use an interplay of tones and textures, with formal qualities of composition in the arrangements of objects under the viewer's gaze. The unfamiliar induces a state of ambiguity mixed with a strange longing or nostalgia. The camera captures temporal events, figurative and narrative, fragments in the cycle of life and death. History is revealed in multiple layers with an underlying order and inherent drama exposed in contrast and detail, painterly and sculptural at the same time.

My work is a constant search of knowledge, both personal and external. I concentrate on the consideration of life, time and space. My work synthesizes mythology and reality into dynamic environments in which spaces expand and contract unexpectedly. Using energetic patterns and lines, I create planes intertwined with people and animals creating an exuberant narrative. Recently I extended my interest into natural motifs in a series of mountain and forest landscapes, in which a principle moment appears frozen. Challenging the notions of time and sequence, in which the viewer completes the narrative.

Renee, Shelley

I feel my art making is a work in progress. My  "artistic voice” has not been found, but I feel I am at least practicing my vocal chords. I am inspired by nature with her many textures and layers. Many of my pieces seem to incorporate layers and textures.  I find the colors, patterns and shapes created by many layers appealing. At times, my work involves contrasts. One of my latest pieces involves the theme of achieving balance in my life.

My primary medium is printmaking. I feel this medium allows for a high degree of experimentation and play. Collograph and solar etching are the two techniques I use most frequently. I love the instant gratification they provide.  I also enjoy creating mixed media art incorporating acrylics, collage, printmaking and found objects. I feel I am on the right path as long as I am creating, regardless of the medium or technique. Creating brings me peace and a sense of self worth. Hopefully, I will eventually find my "voice” and sing a melody that resonates from my soul.

Workshop Details
WPA Studio (1109 B Shady Lane - Studio 8)
Chair: Ashley Salinas
Event Deadline
The deadline for this event (3/22/2012) has passed.