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EAST 2015 / Winter Retail Market

I strive for Magritte's basic intention, to make art with a "disturbing poetic effect."ť My work presents exotic subjects in the drama of black and white, or the subtle monochromatic tones of printers' inks. The prints are based on my photos of real places and slightly mysterious objects that are embraced by a post-apocalyptic anxiety, which induces a state of psychological unease in the viewer. The images raise questions, but knowing the back story doesn't necessarily provide comfort. The result is by turns intimate, earthy, fragile, universal, and contemporary. The images are full of the organic subtlety showing the naked beauty of weathered rock and plants, contrasted with man-made architectural elements. The organic elements complement the man-made. In purely aesthetic terms, the works use an interplay of tones and textures, with formal qualities of composition in the arrangements of objects under the viewer's gaze. The unfamiliar induces a state of ambiguity mixed with a strange longing or nostalgia. The camera captures temporal events, figurative and narrative, fragments in the cycle of life and death. History is revealed in multiple layers with an underlying order and inherent drama exposed in contrast and detail, painterly and sculptural at the same time.

I am fascinated by the news stories of nature's power and use that as my my inspiration. I like to work with bold colors and/or textures. The printmaking method I use will depend on the type of image I wish to portray. 

I create art to bring my understanding of the cycles of energy we travel through in a lifetime to paper. What may seem to be a negative experience may actually be a transition to a new level of development on our greater karmic path. I began printmaking in one of these seemingly dark times, when I was unable to do much else. With the passage of time and my studies on achieving more dimensional awareness I was propelled into a well of creative opportunities and productivity. Approaching each piece from this much larger perspective, I invite you to reflect upon what has brought you to this point and where you may be travelling.

I was living in New Mexico when a fortuitous requirement of printmaking coursework for my graduate program in art therapy led me to expression in another medium. Since that time I have been exploring printmaking and creating soft ethereal-like inspirational images. The circle or circular movement can often be seen in my artwork. The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning--a continuous symbol that has no beginning and no end. Throughout my life I have created circles, benefiting from the sense of comfort, peace, and total integration.

How I feel when I am making art is perfectly described in what Don Miguel Ruiz says: "When you are in your creation and you are doing what you love to do, you become what you really are again. You are not thinking in that moment; you are expressing.” I love being in that space where I am not really thinking, I am expressing what I am feeling inside. One could say that I make art to please the eye and touch the soul.

My art is a gift from my Father. I am blessed beyond measure. It is indeed a part of who I am.

Experimentation with various mediums and the manipulation of those mediums is a driving force which provides interesting puzzles in need of solving. When I am in that place...experimenting and trying to solve that puzzle...I am joy filled.

I also like to work in series. It is freedom giving. Some series never make it past the first in the series, but had their beginning with a series in mind. Series tend to allow for building. A new concept is not needed each time I approach a blank paper or canvas. There is already something their awaiting to be built upon.

Amy works in relief printing by carving linoleum blocks, rolling ink over them with a brayer, and printing on watercolor paper or T-shirts. She hand colors designs on paper with watercolor or gouache. Each print is a unique piece of art! http://www.inkoriginalart.com/about/

Memory, location and nature, the inspirations 
Texture and pattern, the fascination
Printmaking, the adventure.
The dance of the brush, the roll of the brayer, the work in progress;  soul satisfying!
I have a fascination with nature and I love collecting seeds, bones, and oddities I find in the streets. These often inspire ideas along with images I dream. The evolution of those ideas through drawing and the solar intaglio printmaking process is challenging but exciting. Imagination plays a big part in the formation of images and I find it satisfying when it all comes together.

Smells, shapes, sounds, and tastes. Recording the minute details of customary objects the general public has labeled mundane. It is just an obsession, masquerading as an art form. It is all that fills my mind. 
I am an artist with a background in graphic design, painting, drawing and photography.  I am interested in exploring various ways of printing without a press.  I have played with monotypes, cyanotypes, rust prints, eco-prints and my own original stencils.  Currently I am experimenting with a Silhouette mint machine to make printing plates from my photographs.  I then create a relief print on watercolor paper and hand color them with watercolor paints.

Exhibition Details
11/14/2015 - 11/22/2015
11:00 AM-6:00 PM
Chair: cara DeDominicis
Co-Chair: Jo Lagattuta
Event Deadline
The deadline for this event (11/22/2015) has passed.