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Lithography without a Stone (Pronto Plate Lithography)

Art is something that has always been a part of my life and it is quite unimaginable to me to have a world without art. It is a passion and the place where I can feel dreams coming true.  Printmaking has the added adventure with the image being revealed for the first time on the press. It is quite a grand experience!  

 According to my mom,  I was found drawing naked women after a visit to a museum at the age of five. When mom asked why I  replied, "That’s what you’ve got to do to get into a museum”. Still working often with the nude in large monotypes, I  work valiantly towards  my museum goal.

Lately,  l find myself moving away from the figure exploring rhythm, texture color and pattern. I integrate monotype, relief and pronto plate techniques with collage, watercolor, metal leaf, sewing and paper cutting to create mixed media pieces and accordion books.  Some piece are abstractions while the more playful images with animals are inspired by my work as a childrens' art teacher.  A year spent in Southeast Asia also served as a source of inspiration. 

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas in Art Education and haved worked for many years as an art educator in both classrooms and art institutions. I was a guest artist at Taller Grafica Rueca in Mazatlan and I animated segments for Richard Linklater’s feature, "Waking Life”.  My work has been shown  in various group shows in North America and I have been featured in two person shows in Canada. Solo shows include the  Carriage House Gallery and PINK in Austin, Texas.

When not rolling a brayer, I might be found with a guitar in hand, writing songs, performing or just having a hootennany with friends.

I was living in New Mexico when a fortuitous requirement of printmaking coursework for my graduate program in art therapy led me to expression in another medium. Since that time I have been exploring printmaking and creating soft ethereal-like inspirational images. The circle or circular movement can often be seen in my artwork. The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning--a continuous symbol that has no beginning and no end. Throughout my life I have created circles, benefiting from the sense of comfort, peace, and total integration.

How I feel when I am making art is perfectly described in what Don Miguel Ruiz says: "When you are in your creation and you are doing what you love to do, you become what you really are again. You are not thinking in that moment; you are expressing.” I love being in that space where I am not really thinking, I am expressing what I am feeling inside. One could say that I make art to please the eye and touch the soul.

I have a fascination with nature and I love collecting seeds, bones, and oddities I find in the streets. These often inspire ideas along with images I dream. The evolution of those ideas through drawing and the solar intaglio printmaking process is challenging but exciting. Imagination plays a big part in the formation of images and I find it satisfying when it all comes together.
I'm fascinated with the printmaking process, especially the delightful surprises that come the first time a new plate is pulled. I gravitate towards the textural effects of collagraphs finding platemaking is only limited by one’s imagination. My work has been exhibited throughout the US but primarily in Texas, with a second solo show on the books for Chicago in 2015.

When in the print studio, I most frequently create Monotypes/Monoprints and, because of the freedom this process allows, these prints become wonderful partners to my paintings.

I enjoy blending narrative and portraiture (and sometimes a bit of humor) into my works. My style is influenced by the German Expressionists and the American Social Realists.

My work has been collected and shown internationally and nationally.

Workshop Details
WPA Studio (1109 B Shady Lane - Studio 8)
Chair: Ashley Salinas
Co-Chair: Anna Kinbar
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The deadline for this event (8/20/2012) has passed.