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Join us for our juried Monoprint/Monotype Exhibit at the Gallery at the J in Austin, TX.

January 10 - February 28

Gallery at the J
Dell Jewish Community Center
7300 Hart Lane, Austin
M-F 8:00 am - 8 pm; Sat 12:30 - 6 pm; Sun 8:00 am - 5 pm

Opening Reception

Opening reception will be held at the Gallery at the J on January 12 from 7 - 8:30pm.

JUROR: Ron Pokrasso

Ron Pokrasso has been an exhibiting artist and printmaker for more than 25 years. He received his MFA degree from Pratt Institute in 1975 and has had over 40 solo exhibitions and 150 group shows. His work is in public, private, and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and abroad and is represented by numerous galleries nationwide as well as being featured in several books.

For 11 years Pokrasso owned and directed Graphics Workshop (gifted to The College of Santa Fe in 1993). He is an originator of the printmaking event "Monothon� and has been an ardent supporter of arts programs for youth. His teaching experience includes universities, museums, public schools and private workshops, as well as Artist Residencies in the U.S., Scotland, Ireland and Italy. In 2000 Ron Pokrasso received the Mayor�s Recognition Award For Visual Arts citing his artistic and educational contribution to the city of Santa Fe. Ron Pokrasso currently owns and operates Timberwick studios, an art making retreat in Santa Fe, NM. You can learn more about Ron, his art and instructional program by visiting his website, www.ronpokrasso.com.

Download our printable Call for Entry

Who is Eligible?

Open to the public, and all existing, new, or renewing members.

Work Accepted

  • Artist may submit 3 medium (1/2 sheet or smaller) framed works or 2 large (full sheet or larger) framed works, all work must be framed and ready to hang.
  • Only 2-D work is accepted for this exhibition.
  • Digital prints must be combined with a traditional printmaking technique.
  • Work must have been completed during 2010 - 2011.
  • Out -of-town submissions should include return postage and be mailed to the Event Chair. Mailing information for the chair may be obtained on the member information section of the WPA website.

Fees & Obligations

See entry fee information in the Details box on the right of this page.
  • All work must be submitted through the website before it is dropped off with registrar.
  • Participating artists are expected to attend the opening reception if possible. Contact the Event Chair for more information.
  • WPA takes a 10% commission on all work sold during the exhibition.
  • The Gallery at the J takes an additional 20% commission on all work sold during the exhibition.
  • Work remains the property of the artist until sold. Sold artworks shall remain in the exhibition until the end of the show. Artists will be paid no later than 45 days after the close of the exhibit.
  • The Gallery at the J carries insurance for damage or theft of artwork while it is in the gallery.
  • Artwork will be chosen for promotional materials and images of all accepted work will be on the WPA website: www.womenprintmakers.com. By submitting their work to this exhibition, all artists agree to allow reproduction of their digital files for educational, publicity, and archival purposes.

WPA Is Responsible For:

  • Handling all artwork professionally and with utmost care.
  • Installing/displaying all artwork professionally.
  • Invitation design and any printing costs.
  • Sending exhibit notifications to WPA�s mailing list.
  • Writing and sending press releases to publications.
  • Returning shipped art by March 5, 2012, with artist�s choice of shipping company.

Artist Is Responsible For:

  • All art entries to arrive electronically by midnight November 1st.
  • Pick-up of hand-delivered work February 29, 10 am - 1pm.
  • Mailing event notifications to personal mailing list.
  • Providing artwork that is prepared properly for hanging.
  • Paying $10.00 handling fee to WPA for shipped work.
  • Arranging pick-up of unsold artwork for March 5, 2012 between noon and 7pm by preferred shipping company.
  • Artists are responsible for paying and arranging their own return shipping.

How do I sign up for this Exhibition?

The deadline to signup has passed. Deadline for Entry: 11/1/2011.

How do I withdrawal from this Exhibition?

If you are a member click the "Withdrawal from Event" button in the "Participate" box on the right of this screen. If you are not a member please send an email to info@womenprintmakers.com to withdrawal from this event.

How do I submit my work?

  • After you are signed up for this event you will see a new "Submit Your Work" button in the "Participate" section on the right of this screen (you must be logged in). Click on this button.
  • Select the pieces from your portfolio that you would like to submit.
  • If your piece has not been added to your portfolio use the link at the bottom of the page "Click here to add a piece to your portfolio" and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After you are signed up for this event you will need to log into the site using your email address and zip code as the password.
  • After you are logged in you will see an "Add a Piece" button in the "Participate" section on the right of this screen. Click on this button.
  • Fill out the form for each piece you would like to submit.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteers recieve discounts to some WPA events. After you have logged in to the WPA website, volunteer positions will appear in the "Volunteer Positions" section on the right of this screen. Click on one of the open checkboxes to the left of the position name.

How do I modify my volunteer position(s)?

After you have logged in to the WPA website you can click either the "Volunteers" tab at the top of this screen or the "View/Manage" button located at the bottom of the volunteer position box on the right of this screen. To remove yourself click the trashcan icon to the right of your name.

Cancellation Policy

Since we have limited space our events fill up quickly. If you need to cancel please let us know ASAP (email info@womenprintmakers.com) so we can fill your spot. 

This event requires the full amount must be paid in order to register.

If you cancel by 1/4/2012 (more than 5 days) you will receive a refund of $12.00 (half of the entry fee).
NO REFUNDS for cancellations after 1/4/2012.

Exhibition Details
The Gallery at the J
Chair: Cathy Savage
Event Deadline
The deadline for this event (11/1/2011) has passed.
Photo Gallery