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2006, Dualities in the Natural World

We encourage members to produce an edition of prints, which are traded, framed by WPA and exhibited annually. Each year WPA members choose a theme and define parameters of the trade portfolio. Members exchange experiences of pulling an edition, as well as receive a collection of prints. We try to subsidize press time for editions or connect printmaker with someone who has a press. We can also try and pair the inexperienced with the experienced for editioning. This is not a time to learn a new medium of printmaking. Work in an area that you are comfortable. Remember that pulling an edition requires time beyond the creation of imagery.


Theme: Dualities in the Natural World
Paper: 1/4 sheet 15” x 11” - any size image
Paper of reasonable weight (No Oriental papers unless chine collé )
Format: Horizontal (side to side, across)

$10.00 non-refundable entry fee (for leaves, doc. sheets)
And you must be current in 2006 dues to participate.

Out-of towners must pack in returnable packaging and pay postage both ways. Return is heavier because we send documentation sheets.

DRY Edition of the print and documentation sheet are required by due date.

How do I sign up for this Trade Portfolio?

The deadline to signup has passed. Deadline for Entry: 9/21/2006.

How do I submit my work?

  • After you are signed up for this event you will see a new "Submit Your Work" button in the "Participate" section on the right of this screen (you must be logged in). Click on this button.
  • Select the pieces from your portfolio that you would like to submit.
  • If your piece has not been added to your portfolio use the link at the bottom of the page "Click here to add a piece to your portfolio" and follow the on-screen instructions.
Doc Sheets: Every participating member will receive a collection of "Doc Sheets" which contain information about each print in the portfolio. This information is pulled directly from your online portfolio. The following information is included in the doc sheet so please include this information when you add your piece to your portfolio:
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Plate/Image Size
  • Paper Type
  • Ink
  • BAT Date (the month/year that the final version of your piece was pulled)
  • Process/Description
  • Artist Comments

Trade Portfolio Details
Chair: Belinda Casey
Co-Chair: Theresa Bond
Event Deadline
The deadline for this event (9/21/2006) has passed.
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