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Visiting Artist Francine Affourtit: Collaborative Relief Printing - Working Large


Developing large-scale works can be a daunting task. This workshop will teach you the process of producing large-scale works by working collaboratively with your classmates to create a multi-block print. By working together, we can create while learning. Each student will design and carve one 10”x10” woodblock which become part of a larger print we will produce together. By tackling each step in the process in this one-day workshop, students will have the opportunity to test and trouble-shoot the technique while taking part in a fun and low-pressure community project.  Following this workshop, students will gain the knowledge, skills and hopefully inspiration to produce large-scale works on your own. The workshop will also address basic carving techniques as well as using and mixing inks for relief prints. Stencils and other techniques to add layers to your print will also be introduced.


This course is suitable for all levels. Individual attention from the instructor will allow each student to maximize their potential for this project based on their current level of expertise.

To learn more about the artist: http://www.francinekaffourtit.com/

Cost: $110 ($55 non-refundable registration fee)

916 Springdale Road Bldg 3 #102
Austin, TX 78702

Open to all skill levels. Limited to 10 participants.

Participants will need to bring:
  • Pencil, colored pencils
  • Wood carving tools
  • 10x10" sketches (optional)

How do I sign up for this Workshop?

The deadline to signup has passed. Deadline for Entry: 2/19/2016.

How do I withdrawal from this Workshop?

If you are a member click the "Withdrawal from Event" button in the "Participate" box on the right of this screen. If you are not a member please send an email to info@womenprintmakers.com to withdrawal from this event.

Cancellation Policy

Since we have limited space our events fill up quickly. If you need to cancel please let us know ASAP (email info@womenprintmakers.com) so we can fill your spot. 

This event has a non-refundable registration amount of $55.00.

If you cancel by 2/15/2016 (more than 5 days) you will receive a refund of $55.00 (entry fee minus registration amount).
NO REFUNDS for cancellations after 2/15/2016.

Workshop Details
10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Chair: Carmen James
Event Deadline
The deadline for this event (2/19/2016) has passed.