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Kristina Hagman

Kristina Hagman, daughter of actor Larry Hagman presents

The Eternal Party (book) and 36 Views of Mt Rainier (art exhibition) this July in Austin , TX

The literary community at Malvern Books and the fine arts community at Bone Black Gallery are teaming up to welcome artist and author Kristina Hagman to Austin. Hagman will be presenting her new book and a suite of intricate woodblock prints over the course of two events, on July 1st and 2nd.

On Friday, July 1st, from 7-8pm at Malvern Books, Hagman will read from and talk about her experiences writing The Eternal Party. In the book Kristina recounts the multi-generational stories that led to huge stardom, not just once but twice, as both her grandmother Mary Martin (who played Peter in Peter Pan; Maria, in The Sound of Music; and many more well-known roles) and her father, most famously known for two very different roles, first, as the comedic character of Tony Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie and later as the villainous J.R. in Dallas. The book is as much a spiritual search for truth as it is an exposé on celebrity life. At her fatherís side on his deathbed, Kristina heard her father keep repeating, "forgive meĒ before he passed. Searching for clues as to what he meant, Kristina delves into her fatherís past and details life within fame. Determined to tell her story, Hagman overcame struggles with dyslexia and ADHD to complete the book.

Hagmanís life path veered from that of her father and grandmother and she became a successful visual artist, having honed her skills in the arts community of Santa Fe. Hagmanís work has been displayed at the Pacific Asia Museum (Pasadena, California), Cullom Gallery (Seattle, WA), Antioch University (Seattle, WA), The Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum, Idaho, KIWA Kyoto International Woodprint Association, Kyoto, Japan and many others. Her work has also been included in more than 40 multi-artist exhibits since 1985.

Her suite of woodblock prints 36 Views of Mt Rainier will be on display at the Bone Black Gallery in the Canopy arts complex from July 2nd-24th. The suite of prints is inspired by Hokusaiís collection 36 Views of Mt Fuji, of which the piece The Great Wave is most well known. Hagman, like Hokusai, utilizes Mt Rainier as a point of entry into exploring landscape from many angles. Works like Dawn embody a sense of calm and natural beauty, showing Mt Rainier as one of Americaís purple mountain majesties. In Rainier From Queen Anne we see the mountain as just one peak amongst many in a crowded city scape. Hagman produces these works using a blend of traditional and modern woodblock techniques, and will be giving a presentation about her process as the first part of the reception for the exhibition on July 2nd from 7-9pm.

Reading and signing for The Eternal Party

Friday July 1st, 7-8pm
Malvern Books
613 W 29th St, Austin, TX 78705
(512) 322-2097

Reception and artistís talk for 36 Views of Mt Rainier

Saturday July 2nd 7-9pm
Bone Black Gallery (in Canopy)
916 Springdale, Bldg 3 #102 Austin TX 78702
(512) 931-4732
Exhibition Details
7/1/2016 - 7/24/2016
Chair: Veronica J Ceci
Photo Gallery