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2016 Games and Rituals

We encourage members to produce an edition of prints, which are traded, framed by WPA and exhibited annually. Each year WPA members choose a theme and define parameters of the trade portfolio. Members exchange experiences of pulling an edition, as well as receive a collection of prints. We try to subsidize press time for editions or connect printmaker with someone who has a press. We can also try and pair the inexperienced with the experienced for editioning. This is not a time to learn a new medium of printmaking. Work in an area that you are comfortable. Remember that pulling an edition requires time beyond the creation of imagery.

The 2016 Trade Games and Rituals is scheduled for September exhibition in the Bone Black Studio and Gallery.

THEME: Games and Rituals

I think Games and Rituals is a wide open topic with endless possibilities.

It could be physical games, mind games, board games, made-up games, corporate games, relationship games, brain games. All kinds of games. Or rituals.

Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

game1 n

1. an activity that people participate in, together or on their own, for fun

2. a sporting or other activity in which players compete against one another by following a fixed set of rules

3. a particular occasion when a competitive game is played

4. in sports such as tennis, a specific subsection of play that goes toward making up a set or match

5. a particular aspect of a competition

6. the style or level of skill with which somebody plays a particular sport

7. the total number of points needed to win a contest

8. the rules governing a particular competition or sport

9. an item or set of items such as a board, dice, counters, a deck of cards, or a piece of computer software that is needed to play a particular game

10. any activity that resembles a game, for example, one that involves intense interest and competitiveness and is carried out by its own specific and often unspoken rules

11. a way of behaving that is aimed at manipulating people or trying to deceive them

12. a strategy, activity, or behavior that is questionable, and often illegal (informal)

13. a business or occupation (informal)

14. an activity or situation that somebody does not treat seriously

15. wild animals, birds, or fish that are hunted for sport

16. the meat of wild animals, birds, or fish that have been killed for sport

17. the act of ridiculing somebody for fun, or the target of ridicule, criticism or trickery

18. a mathematical model describing a contest played under specified rules in which each participant has only partial control

npl games

an event that consists of many different sporting activities and usually lasts for several days

npl games

an event that consists of many different sporting activities and usually lasts for several days


1. ready and willing to do something, especially something new or unusual

2. brave in spirit or character


to play games of chance for money

Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

rit·u·al n

1. an established and prescribed pattern of observance, for example, in a religion

2. the performance of actions or procedures in a set, ordered, and ceremonial way (often used before a noun)

3. a formalized pattern of actions or words followed regularly and precisely (informal)

4. a set sequence of actions that an animal uses to communicate information or to reinforce social cohesion

5. an inflexible, stylized, and often repetitive sequence of actions, for example, repeated hand-washing, that may indicate an obsession

6. a book containing rites or ceremonial procedures, especially religious rites


concerned with or practicing a rite


Open to all existing, new, or renewing members.


Trades will not be accepted unless all requirements are met. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Theme: Games and Rituals
  • Paper: 1/4 sheet is 15" x 11" - any size image. Paper of reasonable weight (No Asian papers unless chine collé).
  • Format: No orientation restrictions this year.
  • Edition: 25. This number is based on 23 participants and may change closer to the July deadline. The edition number includes 2 for WPA (for the archives and to be exhibited at membership show), and 18 for the participants. First come, first pay, first serve if you are in good standing. There is a waiting list.
  • Sturdy container is required for delivery (Paper wrapped editions will not be accepted) and documentation must be filled out online by the due date.
  • Out -of-town submissions must be packed in returnable packaging and should include return postage. Return is heavier because we send documentation sheets, so more postage. Ship all submissions to Belinda Casey (Mailing address may be obtained on Belinda's online profile [you must log in]).
  • Dry Edition of the print and online documentation are required by due dates. You receive each print. Some artists' print a few A/P's to sell individually
  • All printmaking techniques are accepted
  • Digital prints must be combined with a traditional printmaking technique.


$25 non-refundable entry fee (for leaves, doc sheets, etc)
You must be current in 2015 dues to participate.


Entry Deadline - Fee Due.
Pay online or by mail. If you are mailing, your payments must be received BY due date. Mail ahead of time. Make checks out to WPA and send to 5114 Balcones Woods Drive Suite 307 PMB 350 Austin TX 78759.
There is a $5 discount for members who volunteer for at least 4 hours
PROOF OF PRINT. You must email proof of print to Belinda or someone on the waiting list will be chosen.
Dry prints are due. Relief prints: aim for a week early (they take longer to dry). Gushy prints will not be accepted. Members must go online to fill out documentation. See "How do I submit my work" below.

How do I sign up for this Trade Portfolio?

The deadline to signup has passed. Deadline for Entry: 5/6/2016.

How do I submit my work?

  • After you are signed up for this event you will see a new "Submit Your Work" button in the "Participate" section on the right of this screen (you must be logged in). Click on this button.
  • Select the pieces from your portfolio that you would like to submit.
  • If your piece has not been added to your portfolio use the link at the bottom of the page "Click here to add a piece to your portfolio" and follow the on-screen instructions.
Doc Sheets: Every participating member will receive a collection of "Doc Sheets" which contain information about each print in the portfolio. This information is pulled directly from your online portfolio. The following information is included in the doc sheet so please include this information when you add your piece to your portfolio:
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Plate/Image Size
  • Paper Type
  • Ink
  • BAT Date (the month/year that the final version of your piece was pulled)
  • Process/Description
  • Artist Comments

How do I volunteer?

Volunteers recieve discounts to some WPA events. After you have logged in to the WPA website, volunteer positions will appear in the "Volunteer Positions" section on the right of this screen. Click on one of the open checkboxes to the left of the position name.

How do I modify my volunteer position(s)?

After you have logged in to the WPA website you can click either the "Volunteers" tab at the top of this screen or the "View/Manage" button located at the bottom of the volunteer position box on the right of this screen. To remove yourself click the trashcan icon to the right of your name.

Trade Portfolio Details
Chair: Belinda Casey
Co-Chair: Deborah McLouth
Event Deadline
The deadline for this event (5/6/2016) has passed.