Cara Beth Stevenson

Aberdeen, WA - Washington  Member Since: January 2012

Basic Positions for Hopscotch

Medium: lithography
Plate/Image Size: 11" x 15"
Edition Size: 18
BAT Date: 7/2016
Printer: Artist
Proofs: 4 APs  1 WPs  
Signature: Cara Beth Stevenson - lower edge
Paper: Rives BFK  11" x 15"
Chop: n/a
Stone lithography. Working out the composition was more challenging than drawing and printing the finished image.
Artist's Comments:
When I saw the trade theme “Games and Rituals” I immediately thought of hopscotch with its arcane rules. I toyed with other counting games like jump rope or jacks but kept coming back to hopscotch. I opted for that idea upon imagining children lined up on the playground in their ballet tutus.
Exhibited in the following events:
2016 Games and Rituals
Sales & Contact Info
Price w/o Frame: $150

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