Biddy Hudson

Oxford UK,   Member Since: November 2009

Going up the stairs

Medium: Photo-polymer
Plate/Image Size: 10cm x 12cm
Edition Size: 19
Printer: Artist
Signature: Biddy Hudson - right corner
Paper: Somerset Gray - 280gsm-- Velvet  20cm x 20cms
Ink: Caligo Intaglio Safewash Etching Inks
This is a photo-polymer plate (solar plate) created from a photograph using a lightbox and printed as an etching.

Artist's Comments:
This is part of a series of prints called "Shadows on the Stairs".

The staircase is central to my house, both physically and psychologically.
As well as moving people between physical levels and activities the stairwell is home to many things: possessions parked temporarily on the stairs waiting to be taken to their real place and objects and pieces of furniture that have no other home. Most of these hold memories and shadows of a past life. For none of the things that live on the stairs am I their original owner.

Everyone starting a journey from my house starts it by going down these stairs.
Exhibited in the following events:
2013 Journeys
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