Brahe, Kepler and Planetary Motion

Medium: Monotype, trace monotype, intaglio, gouache, pen and ink, silver leaf
Plate/Image Size: 18 x 18
Edition Size: 1
BAT Date: 11/2013
Printer: Artist
Kepler and Brahe are drypoint printed intaglio with a piece of PVC coated foam core as the matrix (Sintra brand names). They are collaged onto a blue monotype. Some handwork accents added (gouache and pen and ink), with trace monotype added as a finishing touch on Brahe shirt. Silver leaf was added to show the planetary motion diagram, plus Brahe's prosthetic nose--the real one was lost in a duel.
Exhibited in the following events:
The Contemporary Print
Big Medium Gallery at Canopy, Austin, TX
Saturday, January 18, 2014 - Saturday, February 15, 2014