Liz Hermanson

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The Ship and The Swirling Sea

Medium: Engraving
Plate/Image Size: 12"x12"
Edition Size: 1
BAT Date: 10/2013
Printer: Artist
Signature: LH - bottom right
Paper: Rives BFK Cream  16"x16.5"
Ink: oil
Engraving and hand-coloring with acrylic ink
Artist's Comments:
Its bow reaches out in the dark of the night,
seeking rest from a long and bumpy flight.
Wind is furious, howls, yells…
Waves leap swish, fall, and, swell…
It floats, hovers, and sways with no mooring for an anchor, so the ship may sail away.
Sails billow, flap, and flutter.
The cabin rocks, tips, stirs, shudders.
Now-the ship is tired and weary,
The sky is dark, windy, dreary.
The sea rocks the vessel to rest drifting away on its swirling crests.
Exhibited in the following events:
The Contemporary Print
Big Medium Gallery at Canopy, Austin, TX
Saturday, January 18, 2014 - Saturday, February 15, 2014
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Price w/ Frame: $350
Price w/o Frame: $300

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