Liz Hermanson

Austin, TX - Texas  Member Since: April 2013


Medium: Etching
Plate/Image Size: 9" x 12"
Edition Size: A/P
BAT Date: 1/2013
Printer: Artist
Etching and hand-coloring with acrylic ink
Artist's Comments:
"We're all a little different.
We all have a moon.
We all have a house
that we clean with a broom.

Some eat food
that they grow from their yard.
Some go to shops on grand boulevards.

We all have fun.
We all have parties
and invite everyone.

Some are nude.
Some wear clothes.
Some wear fur.
Some cover up
and not a thing shows.

No matter the distance.
No matter the place.
No matter the size.
No matter your face.
We all get along in our humble worlds in space."
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