Liz Hermanson

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The Catalpa Worm and The Catfish

Medium: Engraving
Plate/Image Size: 8" x 10"
Edition Size: A/P
BAT Date: 4/2013
Printer: Artist
Engraving with hand-coloring and acrylic ink.
Artist's Comments:
"Mister Catfish licked his lips
as he marveled over the plump
catalpa worm next to his dip.

He scooped him up with his fin,
then put him on a piece bread
and raised it to his chin.

With his mouth open wide and ready to bite,
the little worm spoke
and gave him a fright,

"Mister Catfish,
I see that you want me as your dish,
but if you could listen,
I'll give you reasons you should reconsider this!"

Mister Catfish considered this wish
from his scrumptious little worm dish.
He took a minute to think it through.
Would he hear him out?
Would he eat him like stew?

Would he be his friend
and take him to lunch?
Would he have him with cookies and a cup of red punch?
So, what did he do?
... CRUNCH!"
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