Kathleen M Clark

Austin, TX - Texas  Member Since: January 2004

My world then (tambien tuve momentos felices)

Medium: Etching,engraving,chine cole. Machine sewing.
Plate/Image Size: Trapezoid shape 8 x 7 6/8 x 5 6/8 inches
Edition Size: 27
BAT Date: 11/2007
Printer: Artist
Signature: Sandra C Fernandez - lower right corner under plate mark
Paper: German etching Hanhemula  15 x 11 inches
Ink: Graphic chemical color Process blue
I used one of my kids early drawings as the central image. I blew it up in a xerox copier and transferred the image to a zinc plate. After the image was etched onto the plate,I added engraved drawings with a much finer line to stablish a time differenciation. Then I chine cole 2 different colored japanese papers over the image.Finally, I added my "signature touch" of colored threads machine embroidered over the print to add compositional elements to the whole print.And last but not least, I sewed a "milagro" (charm) to the print.
Artist's Comments:
Most of my previous work has been based on the theme "Childhood Memories". Unfortunately, those memories portrayed were always sad ones. For this print I wanted to express them differently. I felt it was time to start remembering the happy times. This exercise has helped me investigate a whole new approach to my work, which I have fallen in love with!!!! (Thanks WPA!!!)
Exhibited in the following events:
Trade Portfolio 2007, Childhood Memories
Friday, November 30, 2007 - Monday, January 07, 2008
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Price w/o Frame: $125.00

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