Anne Gaines

Richmond, TX - Texas  Member Since: January 2004

Cats Dream In Color

Medium: Linoleum Reduction Cut
Plate/Image Size: 12" x 12"
Edition Size: 20
Printer: Artist
Original prints are created using one linoleum plate that is carved, rolled with ink and imprinted on paper. I re-carve the original plate, ink with a different color and re-print directly over my first printing, repeating this process for each color.
Artist's Comments:
I created this piece purely for my own enjoyment. I heard once that cats cannot see color. This saddened me a bit, so I comforted myself with the thought that perhaps they dream in color. In this piece you will notice that the tuxedo cat is sleeping in her black and white and gray world, but is dreaming of all the things that cats love in vivid color!
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Price w/ Frame: $360

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