Anne Gaines

Richmond, TX - Texas  Member Since: January 2004

Consider the Lilies

Medium: Linoleum Reduction Cut
Plate/Image Size: 8" x 8"
Edition Size: 16
Printer: Artist
Original prints are created using one linoleum plate that is carved, rolled with ink and imprinted on paper. I re-carve the original plate, ink with a different color and re-print directly over my first printing, repeating this process for each color.
Artist's Comments:
The edition consists of 16 hand-pulled original linoleum reduction cuts. Pale lavender, red, dark brown and three shades of green ink were applied by a lino block in six separate layers, one upon the other. The ink must dry between applications, and the same lino block is used for all of the printings. This piece was inspired by the bible verse and is the first of my works to incorporate the written word as part of the composition.
Sales & Contact Info
Price w/ Frame: $195
Price w/o Frame: $130

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