CAUTION: Dreamers in/on sight

Medium: Serigraphy
Plate/Image Size: 11 x 22 in.
Edition Size: 50
BAT Date: 8/2013
Paper: 11 x 22 in
10 colors
Artist's Comments:
This print is about south-of-the-border migration in the United States. The Dream act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) was a bill intended to provide conditional permanent residency to certain immigrants who graduated from US high schools that arrived in the US as minors. CAUTION: Dreamers in/on sight addresses The Dreamers, name that is utilized to denominate these young students. For the last year I have been working with UT dreamers, learning from their personal experiences and witnessing the brightness of their minds. I admire the strong commitment they have to become an integral part of this society. The US is the place that is the only home they know, but sadly they cannot claim it as such because in reality, they “do not exist”.