At night I feel things crawling over me

Medium: Woodcut
Plate/Image Size: 24x24.5"
Edition Size: 20
BAT Date: 7/2013
Paper: Lenox  26x26.5"
Ink: Daniel Smith Traditional Black
Single color woodblock, press printed
Artist's Comments:
I created this work during a period when I was dealing with bed bugs. I had always been afraid of bugs and how menacing and absolutely strange and terrifying they were. The idea of bugs brawling all over me and sucking my blood brought about a primal fear. Even though it is gone now I still wake up and check my body every night. Through this work I hope to inspire an immediate skin crawling reaction while rewarding the viewer with hidden images. My influences include the Outlaw Printmakers, Kathe Kollwitz, WK Interact, Japanese and American horror comics, and games of I Spy.