Medium: Artist Book, Rubber (Oil Pipe Gaskets) and cable ties with relief and silkscreen prints from Gulf Coast plants, refinery photographs, and marine life images.
Plate/Image Size: 71/2” x 71/2”x 11/2”
Edition Size: 20
BAT Date: 7/2012
Paper: Industrial rubber  71/2” x 71/2”x 11/2” (Each page)
Ink: Graphic Chemical Relief and Jacquard Silkscreen
In the project Slick, I examine the possible effects of the BP oil spill on the Gulf Coast. In the summer of 2010, I traveled to Louisiana where I observed the situation firsthand. I shot part of a film short using stop motion animation on several state park beaches and bayous near the damaged areas. The film comes with a limited edition book that is printed on rubber gaskets used in oil pipes. The book is multi-sensory, besides being visually engaging, it is also tactile and has a noticeable scent. Partial proceeds go to environmental coastal groups.
Note: 63” x 71/2”x 1/4” (Unfolded)
Artist's Comments:
The film and book are available by contacting me through my website at or from Central Booking Art Space in New York. Images from the project can be seen at