Just As The Sun Went Down

Medium: Serigraph with collaged relief print elements
Plate/Image Size: 17x23
Edition Size: 10
BAT Date: 9/2013
Paper: Coventry Rag  22x30
Ink: TW Graphics
The graphic layer is comprised of proofs from former relief print editions that I copied on a wide-format plotter, scaled up and down, flipped horizontally and vertically, and arranged to create a window of graphic information that revolves around a circular mass specifically carved for this print. I scanned this collage, then vectorized and digitally refined it to rid the line work of any pixilation that occurred during its making. This relief collage comprises the top most layer of the serigraph, while the colorful bottom layer is a flood of ink that varies in each print.
Artist's Comments:
Just As The Sun Went Down is a window of interpretation of the fleeting magical moments that occur when the Texas Hill Country horizon becomes drenched with vibrant color, as the sun makes way for the moon.