In Your Finding

Medium: Silkscreen/Vinyl
Plate/Image Size: 60x48"
Edition Size: N/A
The first stage of production begins with two pieces of industrial grade, recyclable vinyl. A design is applied to each piece of vinyl using inks and acrylic paint. The paints are applied using silk screens and brushes. Each piece of vinyl is then cut into strips, one piece cut horizontal and the other vertical. After the strips have been cut they are woven and stretched over a traditional canvas frame. In order to reach matured textures, strips of canvas are sparingly interwoven with the vinyl. The next step is to apply several coats of paint over the woven vinyl in a specific pattern and color. After the coats have completely dried the piece is ready for sanding. The process of sanding allows for a variety of textures and other elements to surface, such as the base images (which were applied to the vinyl before being cut into strips).
Artist's Comments:
Between then and now...