Medium: photo lithograph on Arches 88
Plate/Image Size: 14.5" H x 9.5" W
Edition Size: 8
BAT Date: 4/2006
Paper: Arches 88  23.5" H x 17.75" W
Ink: Handschy Litho Ink
photo lithography image made by hand inking 4 registered positive aluminum plates on Arches 88
Artist's Comments:
"ascension" is a visualization of my reflection "How do we continue to make positive choices as we respond to a perceived fear and the intolerance based in terrorism in our diverse world?" It speaks to those sensory experiences, based in my reaction to nature, that cause me to stop, to take note, to interact, and to "go still" within myself in the day to day complexity of life in the 21st century.