Reminiscing my Grandmother's Garden (Flowers)

Medium: Half-tone photograph screen printed on BFK paper
Plate/Image Size: 16.63x10.69
Edition Size: 1/6
BAT Date: 10/2013
Paper: Reeves BFK  17.56x11.63
Ink: Jacquard Screen Print Ink
The process involved taking a photograph I had in my archive that I saved and turning it into a half-tone image, but first I clipped out different areas I wanted to print seperately which then I would layer upon with differnt colors. The floral outlines that stand out have a metallic additive so under non-fluorescent light it should have a shimmer to it, giving the imag a little pop.
Artist's Comments:
This is probably one of the prints I worked on the longest only because I had to do seven layers.