"Crossed Paths: Arrangement #2"

Medium: engravings on silk tissue
Plate/Image Size: a triptych of 7" x 7" plates on 22" x 30" paper
Edition Size: 10
BAT Date: 6/2011
Paper: Somerset  22 x 30
Ink: Graphic Chemical
The engravings are made by means of American western trick roping, using a rope coated with charcoal, spun in a loop, and skimmed across ten copper plates laid on the floor. The plates are later engraved in the same pattern as the dust residue made through the act of roping.
Artist's Comments:
The prints made from the engraved plates record a physical action or event, which as indexical images show causation and require knowledge of context; in this way, the roping prints might be seen as cultural evidence. Because the engravings are related to cowboy and cowgirl identity, they tangentially address American national identity and how cultures construct their own notions of authenticity. Having been part of the world of American rodeos, I document that experience without the use of stereotypes as I explore what makes the cowboy/cowgirl image so enduring in the imaginations of cultures worldwide.