Cathie Crawford

Peoria, IL - Illinois

Resonant Reflection II

Medium: Color reduction woodcut
Plate/Image Size: 12" x 18"
Edition Size: 9
Paper: Natsume 4007  24"X36"
Ink: oil based relief
I used mylar stencils to work reductively within a given shape within the image. My printing matrix was one block of luan mahogany plywood. Using hand brayers to apply the ink to the wood, I included many blended (rainbow) rolls of several colors. It was completed in 16 "runs". All my work is archivally framed.
Artist's Comments:
I have always been especially attracted to water, seeking it out for its restorative powers. Resonant Reflection II is a close up view of reflections within my small backyard fish pond in Peoria, Illinois. The perfect ecosystem within this small water garden mirrors the interrelationships and interconnectedness of the universe.
Sales & Contact Info
Price w/ Frame: $585
Price w/o Frame: $$385

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