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Women Printmakers of Austin is an organization dedicated to encouraging artists to actively pursue artistic expression through printmaking and to promote community through annual exhibits, regular meetings, and outreach projects. Our objective is to expand the audience for Fine Art Printmaking by increasing public awareness of historical traditions and contemporary techniques.

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Events & Exhibitions
10/1 - 10/29   Submergence by Skylar Gerken
10/15 - 11/18   Variations
11/12 - 11/13   EAST 2016
11/19 - 11/20   EAST 2016
10/22   Basic Papermaking with Le Green Schubert
11/20   E.A.S.T Demo: Drypoint Using Dremels and Dentists' Tools with Amanda Cavazos Weems
Other Events
10/25   Open Studio
10/27   Open Studio
11/1   Open Studio
11/3   Open Studio
11/8   Open Studio
11/10   Open Studio
11/12   EAST High School Volunteer Shifts
11/13   EAST High School Volunteer Shifts
11/15   Open Studio
11/17   Open Studio
11/19   EAST High School Volunteer Shifts
11/19   A 'Her'story of Prints
11/20   EAST High School Volunteer Shifts
11/22   Open Studio
11/24   Open Studio
11/29   Open Studio